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Miso brings a surprising boost to both sweet and savory breakfast and brunch offerings, countering the sweetness of a butterscotch dip, as an example.
“Just Add Bubbles” featuring Deviled Eggs topped with short rib; Chicken & Waffles with maple syrup and housemade sausage gravy; and French Toast Monte Cristo filled with pit ham and white cheese sauce, served with a sweet-tart seasonal jam and fresh berries.


Eggs, a brunch powerhouse, become more complex when infused with miso. Operators can look to the fermented, salty taste of miso to deepen these dishes.

  • Creamed Eggs: Whisked eggs combined with white miso and sour cream, cooked to a soft scramble and topped with chipotle-tequila salsa
  • Mushroom Florentine Frittata: Whisked eggs, fresh spinach and Gruyère combined with caramelized onions and mushrooms flavored with red miso and baked as a classic frittata


Poaching eggs in miso broth lends savoriness, adding dimension to the traditional profile. This technique builds luxurious comfort to any poached egg treatment.

  • Farmhouse Benedict: Two eggs poached in white miso broth perched atop toasted thick-sliced potato bread stacked with roasted vegetable jam and carved ham, all coated with a classic hollandaise
  • Artichoke & Egg Dip: Egg poached in white miso broth nestled into a bowl of creamy sun-dried tomato-artichoke dip and served with pita chips


Use the menu familiarity of these two ingredients as a springboard to expand the creativity of brunch offerings. Their earthy attributes make for an ideal pairing with miso.

  • Tahini Sweet Potato Hash: Chunks of baked sweet potato griddled with red bell peppers and red onions, tossed in red miso-tahini sauce
  • Pesto Fingerlings: Roasted fingerling potatoes coated with broccoli pesto enriched with white miso


Traditional meat gravy is primed for a dose of unexpected flavor. Use miso to deepen the richness of gravy, creating an amplified signature taste. Biscuits, omelettes, bowls and other brunch favorites will benefit from this crave-inducing approach.

  • Croissant Strata with Sausage Gravy: Croissant, egg and cheese strata topped with chicken sausage gravy fortified with white miso
  • B-fast Lasagna: Layers of lasagna sheets, crispy shredded hash browns, Jack cheese and creamy chicken-tomato gravy (with red miso), baked and cut into wedges


The judicious addition of miso to oats broadens the menu perceptions and possibilities of both. Miso brings a punch of delectable flavor that renews even the most basic oat-based dishes.

  • Savory Porridge: Rolled oats simmered in white miso-flavored water to a thick and creamy porridge, then scooped into a bowl and topped with sausage crumbles, micro greens and frizzled leeks
  • Savory/Sweet Granola: Rolled oats/pepitas/puffed brown rice flavored with red miso, maple syrup and cayenne, baked until crunchy; cooled and combined with shaved coconut, black sesame seeds and glazed orange peel


Mini handheld treats provide opportunities to explore and deliver whimsy, while packing big flavor into a small format. Incorporate the saltiness of miso for an ideal counterbalance to sweeter flavors.

  • Apple-Walnut Sticky Buns: Bun dough spread with a blend of softened butter, brown sugar, white miso, cinnamon, chopped apples and walnuts; rolled, sliced small, glazed and baked
  • Cosmic Doughnuts: Miniature powdered sugar doughnuts served with warm raspberry jam flavored with red miso

Source: Flavor Makeover: Miso | Flavor & The Menu