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By August 2, 2020Dairy, Flavour
Americans’ favorite ice cream flavors include chocolate (21 states), cookies and cream (10 states), vanilla (eight states), strawberry (five states), cookie dough (three states), rocky road (two states) and mint chocolate chip (one state).SeriouslySmoked.com

Michigan’s favorite ice cream flavor involves chocolate cookie crumbles folded into vanilla ice cream.

It does not include the bright red, yellow and blue that Superman ice cream is known for, nor does it feature fudge pieces from Mackinac Island.

Michigan’s favorite ice cream is cookies and cream, according to Twitter geotagging data. Michigan’s enthusiasm for the flavor is matched by nine other states: Ohio, Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Maine, North Carolina, Rhode Island and Utah.

The data was compiled and mapped by SeriouslySmoked.com, which is known for creating food- and cooking-based trend maps. The map is based on data collected from July 1-22; July is National Ice Cream Month. More than 300,000 tweets and hashtags about ice cream and flavors were tracked to find the most mentions in each state.

Chocolate has the most popularity, appearing to be the favorite in 21 states in all regions of the country, according to the data. Vanilla is the most popular is eight states. Five states prefer strawberry. Cookie dough is the top choice in three states. Two states love rocky road best. Mint chocolate chip is the favorite in one state.

Neapolitan and butter pecan were also popular but didn’t win any states, according to the data.

There’s still more than a week left to celebrate National Ice Cream Month with a trip to your local ice cream shop. What flavor will you order?

Source: Michigan’s favorite ice cream flavor may surprise you – mlive.com