Sprinkles and Dip is a new ice cream cafe that opened in Whitby on Aug. 1, serving up soft-serve ice cream, plus hard ice cream from Central Smith, as well as shakes, sundaes, other desserts and coffee. – Sprinkles and Dip photo

Whitby’s newest ice cream cafe says it all in the name.

Sprinkles and Dip serves up swirly soft-serve ice cream cones dipped in flavours like butterscotch, blue raspberry or chocolate —  or covered in rainbow or chocolate sprinkles.

Whitby doesn’t have many independent ice cream shops and since opening Aug. 1, owner Voula Xinos says the response has been “really great,” with repeat customers already.

Xinos is no stranger to owning a small business in town — she and her husband recently celebrated the 11th anniversary of Nick’s Grill, their Greek restaurant in downtown Whitby.

Xinos says she has been looking for the perfect location for an ice cream shop for about two years, and was thrilled when a spot opened in up in the plaza at 25 Thickson Rd. near Dundas Street, offering good visibility and lots of parking.

The original goal was to open Sprinkles and Dip in the spring or early summer, but COVID-19 created obstacles.

“It was a long haul to open, but we persevered and we’re excited to be here and to move forward,” Xinos says.

In addition to soft-serve ice cream that’s dipped or sprinkled, the cafe offers hard ice cream from Central Smith Ice Cream, located just outside Peterborough.

Popular flavours include lavender lemonade — which is so in demand that it sometimes sells out — and a vegan and dairy-free lemon lime sorbet.

The menu also includes sundaes, shakes, desserts and coffee.

An Instagram-worthy sprinkle wall that was painted by staff from nearby Curry’s Art Supplies, has proven to be a popular spot for photos.

Xinos says the plan is to keep a steady stock of classic flavours and experiment with rotating more unique options, as well as ensuring there is always something dairy-free and vegan on offer.

“We want to be a place that has something for everyone,” she says.

Source: Lavender lemonade is a popular flavour at Whitby’s newest ice cream shop | DurhamRegion.com