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So what’s next? Kettle Chips Truffled Cheese and a Splash of English Sparkling Wine is what’s next. Yep, these flavours have been combined to create the next crisp flavour of the year.

Kettle Chips Truffled Cheese and Wine

This flavour combination flourishes from a partnership between Kettle Chips and Norfolk-based Winbirri Vineyard.

If you didn’t know already, last year Kettle Chips launched a similar flavouring with Truffled Cheese & Champagne. Off the back of that, Kettle Chips has unveiled the all-new accompaniment of English Sparkling Wine in place of Champagne. Sounds pretty fab, I must say.

Phil Hovey, Innovation Chef at Kettle, said:

‘Having lent a hand supporting Lee at Winbirri with his Bacchus harvests on many occasions, I’ve known the team at the Vineyard for a number of years. Not only are they just down the road from us, they also produce exceptional wine, with their 2015 Bacchus recognised as the Best Single Varietal White Wine in the World by the Decanter World Wine judges.

Norfolk is a proud part of our brand heritage and with most of the potatoes we use grown within 30 miles of the KETTLE® –cook-rooms, it seemed like the perfect partnership. The crisp, clean flavour of Winbirri’s English sparkling wine perfectly brings out the intense, rich truffle cheese seasoning and I’m thrilled to introduce this very British chip to the KETTLE® range.’

The brand’s new festive crisp flavour will be hitting shelves this October in Tesco and Asda. Shortly after, in November, the crisps will be available in Morrisons with an RRP of £1.99.

Source: Kettle Chips’ New Flavour Crisp Is Boujee AF