Jolly Rancher Has a New All-Peach Pack for Your Candy of the Summer | Yahoo

Photo credit: Instagram @tamisclock

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Peach flavors have been popping up in food and drinks this season, and it’s no surprise why. The sweet, fruity taste is especially refreshing during summertime! Hershey’s Jolly Rancher has just hopped on the trend by offering a new all-peach pack of its candy.

Various Instagram accounts, including @tamisclock and @rednecksnackandfood, found the Jolly Rancher All Peach over the weekend at Dollar General. While the brand has had a peach flavor before in its Bold Fruit Smoothie variety pack, it looks like they were discontinued. People missed them so much that there is even a petition pleading to bring them back! Not only can you get the hard candy in peach again, but now you can get an entire pack dedicated to the flavor.

Although the Jolly Rancher Peach has only been spotted at Dollar General so far, it’s not clear whether they’re an exclusive offering, like the M&M’s Orange Vanilla Creme candies. However, we’ll say that’s your best bet for finding them for now.

If you’re looking for other summer-worthy treats, Nerds has unveiled new Gummy Clusters and Starburst just announced that it has permanently brought back its All Pink pack. It’s turning out to be a sweet summer after all.

Source: Jolly Rancher Has a New All-Peach Pack for Your Candy of the Summer