Is insect bread a new food trend?

By November 23, 2017Bakery, Food trends

One of the most spoken-about food revolutions is here. Fazer will be the first in the world to introduce insect bread to grocery stores. The novelty is called Fazer Sirkkaleipä (Fazer Cricket Bread). The first hand-baked cricket breads will become available in eleven Fazer in-store bakeries in Finland on Friday 24 November.

Insect food is a significant global phenomenon that is about to land in Finland, too. Since last summer, Fazer has been developing insect bread to be included in the assortment of its in-store bakeries. The ban on selling insects as food was unexpectedly released in Finland on 1 November 2017. Markus Hellström , Managing Director of Fazer Bakery Finland, is thrilled about this: “We wanted to be in the forefront of food revolution. We want to boost growth in the bread category with hand-made artisanal bread, also in the future. In the Fazer in-store bakeries, we can easily bake and test different kinds of novelties. The first-in-the-world Fazer Cricket Bread is a great example of this.”

Innovative bakery develops solutions for the future

Fazer Bakery is an innovative actor that constantly revamps its bread category by introducing new kinds of grain and plant based taste sensations to consumers. “According to the “Suuri leipätutkimus*” survey on bread conducted in Finland, good taste, freshness and domestic origin are the main criteria for bread. Finns are known to be willing to try new things, and the Fazer Cricket Bread is an easy way to get a feel of food of the future. Also retail immediately announced they would include it in their assortment,” Markus Hellström goes on to say. Currently, there is not enough cricket flour available for nation-wide sales, so the novelty will be brought to the market in stages. The aim is that Fazer Cricket Bread would be available in all 47 Fazer in-store bakeries in Finland in the next wave.

Fazer in-store bakeries bake bread by hand from the very beginning

Fazer in-store bakeries have a unique assortment. Dough is made on the spot from flour that comes from Fazer’s own mill, and the dough is left to rest for a long time. The scent of fresh bread tempts more and more Finns, since the number of in-store bakeries is significantly growing….