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The Flavor of Coffee – Science Meets FoodScience Meets Food

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Like many folks all over the world, I start my mornings with a cup of coffee…or three. I’ve had a few cups that were phenomenal, and many cups that I…

The Novel Taste of Old Food

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Forget freshness: These days, chefs are falling in love with the flavor of aged ingredients. Source: The Novel Taste of Old Food

What Stinky Cheese Tells Us About the Science of Disgust

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Why does this pungent delicacy give some the munchies, but send others reeling to the toilet? researchers at the Université de Lyon used fMRI imaging to explore the brains of…

Using Science and History to Unlock the Secrets of Bread

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Nathan Myhrvold and Francisco Migoya’s myth-busting new book, “Modernist Bread,” is a call for bakers to experiment and innovate. Source: Using Science and History to Unlock the Secrets of Bread

Michelin Star requirements: how to earn the culinary world’s top award | Verdict

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The guide is notoriously secretive about their Michelin Star requirements, but what does it take to earn the culinary world’s biggest prize? Michelin stars for excellence are handed out by…

40+ Delicious Fruit Flavor Combinations for Cocktails

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What fruit works well with another? When developing cocktail recipes or pairing food and drink, this study in fruit combinations is a great resource. Whether you’re a cocktail connoisseur, a…

Vanilla: The Politics of Flavor

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This increase in demand for an ingredient as volatile as vanilla beans will impact the entire food supply chain. Small bakeries could see the price of natural vanilla flavor skyrocket…

Shelf Life Extension Strategies for Bakeries

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With advancements in technology, the shelf life extension of baked products have been made possible through improving texture and preventing microbial growth. Source: Shelf Life Extension | Baking Processes |…

A Brief History of Flavour

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It’s clear that people have been eating well — and cooking well — for centuries. The evidence isn’t only in old cookbooks, which are a fabulous paper trail of their…

Making it the Middle Eastern way

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Cinnamon, cloves, cumin, nutmeg, coriander, black pepper, chili peppers, thyme, and garlic tend to be essential. Expect olives, olive oil, pitas, honey, sesame seeds, dates, sumac, chickpeas, mint, and parsley…

How to make Effective Blends of Essential Oils

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If you are interested in making up your own blends, at home for solving the health-related issues via natural methods, this article will be your best guide! Source: How to…

The Science Of Leftovers: Why They Taste SO Good

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Something really weird happens between the time you put your dinner in the fridge and the time you heat it up the next day. Once heavenly fried chicken deflates into…

The mind of the meat eater – scientists reveal the psychology of carnism

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Research concludes that behind the human willingness to eat meat lies an involved belief system linked to hierarchical structures.The first international survey into the attitudes of meat eaters has found…

Smell and flavor of plants: Getting on the terpene train

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What to know about terpenes: Smell and flavor of plants, specifically marijuana Legal for everyone Medical benefits Terpene examples: Pinene, Limonene Terpenes/essential oils Photo Credit: Marijuana terpenes have recently…

These Are the Chemical Compounds That Make Wine Taste So Good | VinePair

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Wine tasting terms may sound ethereal, but flavor all comes down to chemical compounds. These are the ones that impact the taste of your wine. Source: These Are the Chemical…

Scientists have figured out what makes Indian food so delicious

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Indian food, with its hodgepodge of ingredients and intoxicating aromas, is coveted around the world. The labor-intensive cuisine and its mix of spices is more often than not a revelation...

Reduce butter & sugar with our butter-sweetness enhancer

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Novotaste can customize flavour systems for your applications with our commercially proven products and methods that will help you either reduce butter & sugar in your formulations . These customized...

The long road to all-natural preservatives | Consumers want clean labels, but ensuring food safety and shelf life without synthetics is a challenge

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The official hot dog of summer received a makeover this year. Oscar Mayer wieners now boast no added nitrates, nitrites, or other artificial preservatives. The move, by parent company Kraft…

The world’s most expensive spice – Novotaste has a cheaper alternative

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The spice saffron, as well as being famously expensive, is packed with antioxidants. It is said to help combat depression and lower blood pressure, to soften your skin and hair...

Novotaste’s extensive flavour library

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1 -Novotaste maintains an extensive library of winning flavoors, covering all categories. 2 -Flavors designed for specific applications, such as baking, beverages, frozen foods, dairy etc... 3 -Flavors can be...

La science du goût en 8 bouchées

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Sons, lumière, texture…Pratiquement tout est susceptible d’influencer les goûteurs. La recherche scientifique ne cesse d’ailleurs de mettre en évidence de nouveaux facteurs qui perturbent nos perceptions des « flaveurs »,…

Seven alternative proteins

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Yes, we love meat. But protein increasingly poses a challenge. The staple grains that provide proteins to people in the developing world are actually losing protein and other nutrients. Livestock…

Essential oils in feed improve meat quality: study

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Use of clove and rosemary essential oils with encapsulated active principles in feed may reduce oxidation of meat and improve shelf life, say researchers. Source: Essential oils in feed improve…

Essential oils could be antibiotic alternative for livestock

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Humans aren’t the only ones touting relief from essential oils. Kansas State University researchers have found essential oils can play an essential role in livestock health. Essential oils are removed…

The Science behind Foodpairing

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Foodpairing is a scientific method to identify which foods & drinks go well together. To understand why ingredients match it’s important to know how humans perceive flavour. It’s long been…

Beyond Taste Buds: The Science of Delicious — National Geographic Magazine

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Taste receptors, volatiles, gustatory cortex. There’s more to yum than you might think. Taste Is Chemistry It begins when a food molecule touches a microscopic taste bud on the tongue….

The Science Behind Burning Chiles and Cooling Herbs

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Why do some foods taste hot and some taste cold, even when they’re all the same temperature? In dishes ranging from Calabrian pasta to Thai ground-pork salads, the heat of…

Ingredient cost reduction solutions

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Ingredient costs can decreased by using specifically formulated flavours solutions. They can be applied to decrease amounts of ingredients required to achieve specific taste profiles.