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Pickles really are the best thing since sliced bread – quite literally considering some restaurants are now replacing bread with pickles to make these mouthwatering sandwiches.

Now, restaurants, cafes and even ice cream shops are jumping on the trend. In fact, Fabio’s Gelato, a family-run dessert parlour in Hertfordshire, England, has started selling pickle sorbet and vanilla gelato – and they’re sure to be a hit with customers.

While mixing something sweet with something so intrinsically savoury might seem like a disaster waiting to happen, it turns out Fabio’s Gelato has firsthand experience in the success of unconventional ice cream flavours.

Fabio’s Gelato has even made Guinness, Marmite and blue cheese flavoured ice-cream – and customers are loving the bizarre combinations.

Fabio's Gelato

Credit: Instagram / Fabio’s Gelato

“All of our Gelato is made in Hitchin using specialist machines as well as local ingredients where possible. To date, we have created over 500 ever-changing flavours of Gelato, Sorbets & Vegan Gelato.

Owners Fabio & Hannah fell in love with Gelato after a family holiday to Rome and decided to pursue their love of all things Gelato by attending a Gelato course at Reading University in 2013, this is when along with their dream, a lot of hard work and professional guidance Fabio’s Gelato was born.”

Source: Ice cream shop launches pickle flavour gelato – VT