How to make trendy sweet potato toast

By December 3, 2017Food trends, Snack

It looks like avocado toast will have to relinquish its crown as the hottest health trend on social media to a new picture-perfect sensation: sweet potato toast.

Unlike its predecessor, however, the popular foodie fad doesn’t involve spreading sweet potato on a piece of toasted bread, quite the opposite in fact. Sweet potato toast – or SPT to its most enthusiastic fans – involves using the ingredient in place of bread as a healthy, gluten-free alternative to the traditional toasted snack.

As well as being ideal for anyone eager to steer clear of gluten, the bread-alternative is also a perfect option for any one trying out the paleo or Whole30 diets as it fits into the regulations for both.

And far from being a complicated food fad that involves pricey ingredients, tricky recipes and lengthy preparation times, sweet potato toast is actually incredibly easy to do – requiring nothing more than a sweet potato, and an oven or a toaster.

Although it’s not clear who exactly is responsible for coming up with the idea, the most popular recipes involve slicing pieces of sweet potato that are of a similar thickness to a piece of bread, then sliding them into a toaster oven, or putting them in the oven, until they are brown or crispy.

Then you can top them with whatever you would normally put on a piece of toast, with many Instagram fans opting for a variety of both sweet and savory toppings, from fruit to peanut butter to avocado.

And as far as the flavor is concerned, many people say sweet potato toast is actually a tastier, more interesting alternative to bread.

Source: Sweet potato toast is the latest health food trend  | Daily Mail Online