Hotel Chocolat has expanded its alcohol offering with three new luxurious and modern chocolate cream liqueurs.

Running two bars, one on its organic Saint Lucian cacao farm in the Piton mountains and one at its restaurant in London’s Borough Market, Hotel Chocolat has hands on knowledge of working with and combining chocolate and alcohol.

We’re super excited to try the Espresso Martini Chocolate Cream Liqueur. It takes Hotel Chocolat’s white chocolate and velvetises it with vodka, espresso and cream, capturing the flavours of the cocktail we’re all obsessed with in a smooth liqueur form.

hotel chocolat chocolate cream liqueurs

The chocolatier said in a press release: “We’re constantly discovering new depths of the cacao bean – like the way that distilling the shell in alcohol reveals distinctive new flavour notes. Or that sometimes if you have the best ingredients, you only need a simple idea – like melting our chocolate into vodka and cream.”

Another new flavour to try is the Salted Caramel, made with salted caramel chocolate velvetised with vodka and cream and a flood of dulce de leche. Last but not least, the third is Salted Caramel & Clementine.

Best served over ice, the liqueurs take inspiration from the cocktails served in the chocolatier’s bars and its best-selling chocolates and we want to try them all.

Source: Hotel Chocolat reinvents chocolate cream liqueur with new flavours