Handcrafted marshmallows, another artisanal food trend

By October 10, 2017Confectionary, Food trends

Like doughnuts and macarons before them, marshmallows have been swept up in the artisanal food trend, made from scratch with flair the way so many trendy confections now are. Chicago’s first marshmallow-only shop, XO Marshmallow Cafe + Wonderland, opened in June to much fanfare; its Harry Potter-themed Butterbeer marshmallows sold out rapidly last month.

And the Clarks were on the marshmallow scene long before that. They own Wondermade in Sanford (Jenn, 37, grew up in Safety Harbor and St. Petersburg), a specialty sweets shop that opened in 2012 and has since become known nationally for its ‘mallows in hundreds of flavors.

Source: The magic behind handcrafted marshmallows, another artisanal food trend | tbo.com