‘Goth food’ and ‘cannabis cuisine’ among 2018 food trends

The waning of one year brings with it predictions for the next, and food innovation is high on the agenda with ‘goth food’ and ‘cannabis cuisine’ tipped for big things in 2018.

The Speciality Food Association’s Trendsetter Panel is made up perspectives from across retail, foodservice, marketing and culinary education.

Its predictions for the top 10 US food trends for 2018 offers an insightful look at the changing preferences of consumers and the shift towards ever more innovative and aesthetically appealing fare.

Doubtless inspired by the ‘Instagramisation’ of food, the millennial hunger for ‘food as experience’ and the shift towards healthier cuisine, here are the Trendsetters’ top ten predictions.

  1. Plant-based foods

Plant-based options are proliferating in many categories beyond meat substitutes. Segments like cheese and frozen desserts are enjoying growth in plant-based subcategories. As for meat alternatives, algae is winning fans. 2018 will bring more plant-based convenience foods too.

  1. Upcycled products

As consumers become more aware of how much food is wasted in the US, upcycled products made of ingredients and scraps that would have otherwise been discarded, will hold bigger appeal.

  1. Filipino cuisine

Often overshadowed by other Asian cuisines, the foods of the Philippines have not yet captured a broad US audience. That’s shifting, as American palates have become more sophisticated and attuned to the complex flavours and bitter or sour notes of Filipino dishes.

  1. Goth food

Possibly a reaction to the 2017’s deluge of rainbow and unicorn foods, black is the new black. Activated charcoal is gaining superfood status for its reported detoxifying attributes and is being used as a surprising twist in everything from pizza crust to lemonade to ice cream….

Source: fdiforum.net