‘Froyo’, ‘Sriracha’ & other food trends are now in the dictionary

By September 19, 2017Food trends

This is the life cycle of a food trend: First, it starts bubbling up in cool boutique shops in New York or L.A. or San Francisco, and then every city in America has it. It goes mass-market, then there’s a backlash, and then a backlash to the backlash, and eventually, if it’s something truly enduring, it ends up where froyo finds itself today: In the dictionary.

The abbreviation for frozen yogurt, froyo — spelled exactly like that, no hyphen — a dessert that was stratospherically popular from 2006 to about 2012, is now a defined word in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, one of 250 new additions announced Monday. The definition notes that its first use was in 1976, and that it is “often used before another noun: a froyo shop; froyo flavors.”

Source: ‘Froyo’ and ‘Sriracha’ are now in the dictionary. What took you so long, Merriam-Webster?