Food Trends That Will Take 2018 By Storm

By March 11, 2018Food trends

Food Editor Caitlin Dickinson assesses some of 2018’s up-and-coming food trends, including some surprising options.

The first of the food trends may look like a typo on my behalf, or like I’ve started to write in a different language. Instead, the truth is that sauerkraut is a finely cut cabbage that has been pickled and fermented. It came about since it appeared at nearly all Christmas markets around the country, and since then bloggers and foodies have been desperate to get their hands on this product. Its popularity may stem from the fact that it is suitable for all diets; vegan, gluten free, vegetarian, paleo. However, it may also be because it is 0% fat when homemade. It is great for your gut health and is so easy to make. Sauerkraut tastes delicious as part of a salad, or in a sausage sandwich.

Recipe: Thoroughly wash a large tub or bowl, then rinse with boiling water from the kettle. Make sure that your hands, and everything else coming into contact with the cabbage, are very clean. It’s wise to use a container that will comfortably fit the softened cabbage, allowing several inches of room at the top to avoid overflow. Shred the cabbage thinly – a food processor makes light work of this. Layer the cabbage and the salt in the tub or bowl. Massage the salt into the cabbage for 5 mins, wait 5 mins, then repeat. You should end up with a much-reduced volume of cabbage sitting in its own brine. Mix in the caraway seeds and the peppercorns.

Instead of smoothie bowls cramming onto your insta feed, one of the new food trends is ‘Poke’ bowls. This is the Hawaiian way of saying fish salad, but instead of cooked fish it is usually raw tuna or salmon with sesame oil and chilli. Although the bowls may look small and not filling, they surprisingly amount to you feeling more satisfied than if you had a meal deal. What’s more is that the poke bowls can have fish substitutions with avocado or cucumber to suit vegetarians and vegans. The only concern I have with poke bowls is that the demand for yellowfin tuna has dramatically increased due to this new trend, which has led to too high demands on fish stocks around the world.

This food trend seems like a strange suggestion since many of us, including myself, have never properly eaten a flower. The only time I have ever encountered flower food is lavender flavoured cupcakes, but even with these cupcakes, they were harshly criticised for being too ‘soapy’ in flavour. But what food experts are claiming is that flowers will be the new fashionable food trend in 2018. The rise of elderflower gin, lavender lemonade, lavender tea, or any floral tea, is definitely coming into bloom this year. If you want a more unusual type of tea, then try hibiscus tea or hibiscus style ice lollies. Flowers may be pretty to decorate your food, but unfortunately, they are not readily available in most places to purchase, and when they are, they do come at a cost. I would not recommend going out and foraging for flowers yourself as you may mistake certain flowers for their poisonous types.

Yes, that is right, food you can see straight through. I do not mean physically look through the food, but metaphorically, you can see through the company and product to know it is from a clean source. After 2017 being the year of clean eating, this food trend has developed into being one whereby the whole product has to be clean. Foodies are wanting to know more and more about the product and where it has come from, especially with organic and Fairtrade foods and animal welfare standards.

There are greater calls from government organisations to put more information on food product contents and the origins of the ingredients they have in them, so this may be one of the food trends you will see happening in 2018.

Tacos are a favourite food for many. Mexican food in a wrap is part of a student staple diet, if you are anything like me. But with the craze of taco street food during 2017, 2018 has brought about a different type of taco vibe to our food trends list. They are shredding the usual flour tortilla wrap and exchanging this for seaweed wrappers, lettuce wrap, or even paleo style wraps. The classic ingredients that are used in a taco are not going too far, but poke style tacos and vegan ingredients are on the rise. There is also a demand for grain free tacos and hyper authentic heirloom corn wraps- taco ‘bout coming out of their shell!

Source: Food Trends That Will Take 2018 By Storm | Redbrick | University of Birmingham