Food Trends 2018: Sushi Croissants, Plant Protein and Tea

By December 6, 2017Food trends

Last year’s food trend predictions heralded the dawn of a coconut craze and taco fever. Food trends in 2018 will include more alternatives, new flavors, and an emphasis on environmentally friendly ways of eating.

The BBC released their top ten food trends for the coming year along with a 1-minute video clip that highlighted some of the more extreme items on the list.

Some of the more eye-catching BBC predictions involved unexpected pairings … like raw fish and French pastry.

From sushi croissants to pasta donuts, this “era of permissibility” for food experimentation means no end in sight for more extreme fusion creations.

The salmon roll wrapped inside croissant dough, sometimes called the “croissushi,” debuted this year at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in Los Angeles.

The spaghetti donut hails from the East coast. Made from pasta, eggs, and cheese fried into a donut shape for hand-held ease, this creation originated at New York’s Smorgasburg, a spread of fusion curiosities and Instagram food trends that could be the birthplace of next year’s hot combination, too.

Tea flavors and mocktails

The BBC says 2018 will be the year we see tea win out over coffee. It’ll also signal the rise of non-alcoholic specialty drinks. Floral flavors could unseat the pumpkin spice obsession, according to the Whole Foods predictions for the new year. Botanicals and notes like rose and lavender will fill glasses for health-conscious drinkers looking to curtail their booze consumption.

New (to the mainland U.S.) cultural dishes

The BBC predicts that Hawaiian poke bowls are here to stay.

The popular bowls, made with a layer of rice topped with chunks of raw, marinated tuna or other fish along with vegetables and umami-packed sauces, are ubiquitous in Hawaii and quickly spreading throughout the mainland U.S.

“It’s the next generation of sushi,” chef Dakota Weiss of Sweetfin Poké in L.A. told People. “But easier to eat.”

Meanwhile, Whole Foods says Middle Eastern cuisine will truly hit the mainstream in 2018, predicting we’ll see more spices like harissa, cardamom, and za’atar, as well as dishes like shakshuka….

Source: Food Trends 2018: Sushi Croissants, Plant Protein and Tea | Fortune