Food Trend Alert: Flavoured salt

By October 30, 2017Food trends

Shake up the flavour in your food, drinks and desserts with flavoured salt.Gone are the days when salt was simply used to add taste and your only option was to choose between coarse or fine salt. Now you can bring your dishes and spice rack to life with various flavoured salts, with pink Himalayan, herb and garlic salt being some of the most popular variants.

Not to be confused with ground spices, which may also contain salt, flavoured salt is a salt-based seasoning which was developed to enhance certain flavours, explains Cape Foods executive director Gerhard Martin.

“With our range, we have used fine Himalayan pink salt as the base to create a flavoured seasoning with a high mineral content.”

Himalayan pink salt has been credited with helping transform the salt industry, even though many thought it was a passing fad. Instead it has pushed artisanal salts to the forefront.

Martin says by adding herbs and spices, a certain taste profile is created that suits certain dishes.

“For example, by adding certain herbs, the flavour of pasta dishes can be enhanced,” Martin says. All dishes that normally require both salt and spices or herbs, are suitable for flavoured salts. Pasta, potatoes, chicken and red meat are perfect examples. If you start off with a salty product, you might not require a flavoured salt, but just the spices or herbs.”

Source: #FoodTrendAlert: Flavoured salt | IOL Lifestyle