Food-inspired baby names predicted to be 2018’s new trend

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When Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin named their daughter Apple back in 2004 almost everyone mocked them, but it seems they were ahead of the curve.  From Drew Barrymore’s daughter Olive, to names like Honey and Rocket chosen by Jamie Oliver for two of his children – Poppy Honey Rosie and River Rocket – food-inspired monikers are growing in popularity.

So much so, that online parenting website Babycentre has tipped it as one of the biggest name trends of 2018.

Proving that there are endless choices for baby names inspired by the things we love to eat, Babycentre revealed some of the most popular options for newborns.

For girls, names like Saffron, Clementine, Honey, Brie, Cherry and Ginger topped the list, followed by Olive, Plum, Coco, Peaches, Apricot, Rosemary and Berry.

Meanwhile it predicts that Basil, Kale, Angus, Chip, Caesar, Herb, Mac, Rye and Fig look set to soar in popularity among newborn boys.

If the idea of a gourmet baby name is too outré for your tastes though, luckily parenting website Nameberry has revealed more mainstream options.

Looking back to names that were popular 100 years ago in 1918, it suggests lesser-known monikers could be about to make a comeback.

For girls, they suggest Agatha, Bessie, Effie, Ida, Maude, Etta, Theda, Polly and Opal.

As well as more alternative suggestions likes Alpha, Dixie, Ione, Mamie and Odessa.

Meanwhile, boys’ names such as Abe, Ned, Benedict, Claude, Dudley, Ferdinand, Lowell and Waldo also made the list.

Source: Food-inspired baby names predicted to be 2018’s new trend

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