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By December 10, 2019Bakery

Driven by consumer preferences and patisseries’ relentless desire to experiment, the bakery industry is continuously evolving. When a new flavour is well received, it never signals the epitome of baking. Patisseries continue exploring and experimenting because consumers expect to be treated to novel treats regularly. Demand for innovative treats makes the bakery industry among the most competitive in the world. The great news is patisseries skilled at baking and anticipating flavours consumers love are rewarded handsomely. Those unwilling to experiment and unable to predict trends may not have to close shop, but they will never enjoy the prestige of those who can do both.

The best patisseries are always thinking about how to make and present baked foods consumers will love. This year saw some genuinely groundbreaking inventions. A few trends that will emerge in 2020 are as follows:

Eating Healthy, it’s a Cliché, but Truer than Ever
A health wave is sweeping the world and Indians are following suit. The ubiquitous paunch of middle-aged Indians is less visible so today. Gyms dot every Indian city and town. Indians know that going to the gym is necessary to enjoy good health and that eating is even more necessary to maintain good health.

For this reason, there is an uptick in demand for healthy baked foods. Such foods must be made using wholesome ingredients and be free of preservatives. In 2020, patisseries that bake and sell such food will attract more consumers than those that do not. Of course, they must find a way to communicate what ingredients are in their cooking.

Many consumers already avoid baked foods because they contain carbohydrates and sugar. Regardless, demand for baked foods will grow in 2020. Patisseries and FMCGs will attract more of baked delicacies by packaging them in hitherto unseen smaller sizes. Next year more consumers will replace white bread with flatbread because it’s packaged differently. But that would not be the only reason. Consumers know flatbread has fewer carbohydrates than white bread; this will increase demand for it.

I Don’t Want to Grow Up
Children could not wait to grow up because adults seemingly did whatever they wanted. Importantly, they could eat whatever they liked. To children, every sweet baked food seems extraordinarily delicious because the opportunity to enjoy it is a rarity.

All adults look back at their childhood with great fondness. Now that they have the money and no one to stop them, they partake in eating delicious pastries and cakes they loved as children.

In 2020, expect more adults to gorge on pastries and cakes they were denied as children. The younger generation of adults is more nostalgic than any before them. They play video games into their 40s and take fashion as seriously as teenagers. To them, as adults, reliving childhood memories is a perk.

Several foods targeted at this segment are thriving today. Next year more patisseries are expected to cater to this segment. Which means next year there will be a return to some traditional pastry and cake recipes.

A Drop in Popularity of Packaged Cakes
Packaged cakes which enjoyed immense popularity since being introduced a few years ago will become less visible next year. An important reason for this is companies that make them have not remained abreast of changing preferences. Products have remained virtually unchanged since their introduction.

Consumers’ preferences, having evolved, now favour unpackaged bread and pastries. There are other reasons for the change in consumers’ choices. Unpackaged cakes are relatively fresh and provide a lot more alternatives than packaged cakes; in an increasingly health-conscious society, many choose to avoid the former. This trend will amplify in 2020.

Authenticity in cooking will shape trends in 2020. To some consumers, unpackaged cooked food appears more authentic than packaged delicacies. While there is not a sharp shift in preference for unpackaged food; the popularity of food with minimalist, fresh looking packaging is growing. Differentiated packaging and clean, easily identifiable labels will attract consumers in 2020.

Just Say No to Gluten
From small local patisseries, consumers are looking for food that does not have gluten or lactose. Demand for gluten-free bread is growing not just among those allergic to gluten but also among others who believe bread free of gluten is easier to digest and healthier. As awareness of the advantages of gluten-free bread grows, demand for it will increase as well. Expect demand for gluten-free foods to improve significantly in 2020.

There’s More than One Variety Flour
While white flour is popular; the popularity of flour made from bran and soy is growing. In some parts of the world, especially Japan, consumers are showing a preference for flour made from healthier alternatives. Bran and soy are such alternatives. Crustier bread is also more popular than ever. In 2020, demand for flour made from bran and soy will reach new heights as will demand for crustier bread.

Flours from less familiar sources like banana and other fruits and vegetables will be used more widely in 2020. Expect more delicious doughnuts to be made from them.

To be an outstanding baker requires passion. Bakers push boundaries and experiment with different ingredients. They do so because baking is a dynamic profession. There are virtually an unlimited number of baked foods that can be cooked. The number of ingredients that can be added is almost limitless as well. A talented baker knows tried-and-tested baking techniques and continuously experiments with new ones. Experimenting with fresh ingredients to prepare unanticipated flavours that tickle taste buds is essential to satiate the evolving tastes of consumers. Bakers who successfully do so will have a loyal following of customers in 2020 and beyond.

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