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In addition to the ingredients and colours, flavours determine the success of a drink. Which flavours will score among consumers this year? We reveal it: Here are the best flavours for 2019!

1. Natural and healthy: Botanicals

Botanicals are an indispensable part of the food and beverage industry due to the megatrends health and wellness as well as clean label. They taste pure and intense and can also increase the health value of the product.

By “botanicals” we mean ingredients that are extracted from different parts of plants, fruits, roots, leaves, flowers or seeds. The production methods are different: The plant can be shredded, dried and pulverized, pressed or extracted.

Popular botanicals include spices such as ginger, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg or cardamom, herbs such as mint, rosemary, thyme or sage; Flowers like lavender, chamomile, jasmine, cherry blossom, rose or elderberry. For example, Innova Market Insights reports that sales of beverage launches containing lavender have grown by 31 percent!

Other botanicals with great potential are ginseng and guarana: they additionally promise a calming or activating effect on the body and mind and are thus intended to promote well-being.

2. The colour determines the look – and the taste

In times of social media, the success of a drink is increasingly determined by the question of whether it is “instagrammable” in appearance, texture and colour. In the photos for social media, the colour of a drink also plays an essential role – which in turn influences the flavour.

This year, popular colours harmonize with trendy ingredients such as hibiscus, blue algae, matcha or turmeric. All drinks in the trend colour Living Coral in all its many facets are in the spotlight.

It was not without reason that Firmenich name Hibiscus the “Flavour of the Year 2019”, and data from Innova Market Insights show that the annual growth of hibiscus products has risen by as much as 50 percent!

3. Unique flavours: the stars among the drinks

The most popular flavours now also fulfill this criterion: they are unique, specific and distinctive. Blood orange, yuzu or the popular elderflower are suitable for this character.

These distinctive flavours can stimulate nostalgic feelings such as chocolate hazelnut, champagne, biscuit dough, spiced squash or maple syrup.

A combination of fruits and flowers can also produce unique flavours such as lime and rose, blueberries and lavender or apple and violet.

Special seasonal and limited editions of flavour combinations of fruits and flowers can bring the profits of beverage producers to fruition. In practice, we find drinks such as “ice tea with honey and rose” or “vanilla-lavender-latte”. Also in demand are pairings such as raspberry rose, watermelon hibiscus, strawberry cherry blossom, blueberry lavender or blackberry elderberry, all of which make new taste experiences possible.

flavour trends

4. Wellness First

The big trend towards healthy products is reflected in specific flavour trends in the beverage market. Beverages, for example, which are enriched with ingredients for health benefits, have very good opportunities to end up in the shopping carts of consumers. These include:

  • Dairy products with polyunsaturated and omega-3 fatty acids
  • Energy drinks with vitamins, minerals and guarana
  • Beverages with lots of fibres for better intestinal health
  • Products with aloe vera and rosehip as source of vitamin C

5. Simple tastes

Flavour trends are also showing a clear trend towards simplicity. This means that the simpler the product, the more trustworthy it is rated by consumers. As far as possible, there should be no artificial additives or preservatives and flavours in the popular Clean Label products.


In 2019, the most popular flavours are determined by naturalness and health benefits. This makes spices, herbs and flowers as natural ingredients just as popular as special combinations of them with fruits. Not least because of the trend colour 2019 “Living Coral”, beverages with strong hibiscus are now particularly common on supermarket shelves. Even elderberry varieties are still high on the popularity scales. If you want to re-awaken childhood feelings with drinks, then nostalgic flavours – e.g. in milk drinks – such as cookie dough or chocolate hazelnut are the perfect choice.


Source: Flavour Trends 2019