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By September 12, 2019Flavour trends

2018 food and drink flavour trends continue with subtle enhancements and twists

For 2018 we predicted the continuation of three key trends within food and drink and we developed flavours, distillates, extracts and applications for customer in line with them. We also introduced and championed the magical Unicorn and flamingo flavours as “mood boosters”, and the popular and resurgent pineapple, coupled with the Nordic botanical extracts as well.

For 2019 and beyond, we are confident of a “more of the same” approach from consumers – but with a little twist or enhancement.

Keep current and “chill” with coffee and tea

Coffee in all its forms will continue to have an impact on the market place, and cold brew / nitro cold brew will be particularly popular and really drive growth.  In fact in the USA, next year Starbucks expects to sell more cold brew than hot coffee in its outlets for the first time*.

Flavouring cold brew coffees and modern designer teas will bring a diverse range of taste experiences to consumers, and this is where Einar Willumsen can excel with exotic fruit flavours like Yuzu, Dragonfruit and Kefir Lime, plus flavours with provenance such as the Sicilian Lemon or Arctic Raspberry. The mass appeal traditional “coffee house” flavours of Caramel or Hazelnut latte will continue to introduce new consumers to the category, with “better for you” teas such as Kombucha also driving value.

*Source: TFG trends 2019, Ian Cranna, VP EMEA, Starbucks.

Be innovative and interesting with extracts and botanicals

Last year we highlighted the growing flavour trend in botanicals, both floral and herbal and in 2019 this will continue at maximum pace seeing more and more spirits, tonics and mixers introduced with these interesting and premium sounding blends, encouraging consumers to experiment with food and drink and give new and better taste experiences.

It is not just the alcohol and beverage area where these are going to appear… bakery, confectionery and even dairy categories will look and need to bring these botanicals to the market.

Here at Einar Willumsen we continue to extract, distill and develop genuine tasting botanicals ranging from Rose, Hibiscus, Bergamot and Pine to Ginger, Juniper and “blossoms”.  Many of these extracts form part of our complex range of “bitters” as well, in order to add the perfect refinement to a beverage or confectionery.

Functional fruit and vegetables in food and drinks will rise

2018 saw the rise in the number of consumers identifying as vegan, and as a result plant based food and drink increased in volume and value. This is expected to continue in 2019 and beyond with the potential for the flexitarian diet (mostly plant based but allows meat and dairy in moderation) to follow suit. This dietary development will drive a focus onto fruits and vegetables that can add some real flavour to the many current bland vegan alternatives.

Pumpkin will be a 2019 hero along with Carrot, Beetroot and other abundant vegetables and be used to flavour many beverages including spirits, tonics and sodas, plus sweet bakery and confectionery in combination with perceived “standard” flavours.

Source: Flavour trends 2019 and in to 2020 – Einar Willumsen