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Inspired by recent international food, beverage & flavour trends

At Novotaste, we love food, beverages & flavour. As flavour producers, we have the privilege of working with everything the food industry has to offer. We get hands-on experience with the entirety of the food spectrum – whether it be baked goods or beverages, dairy or vegan products, confectionery treats or coffees & teas – and our finger is constantly on the pulse of the industry.  It is our great pleasure to present the latest, hottest trends and to adapt them to your needs. Whether it is a twist on a classic, an emerging flavour or something never seen before, we are at the forefront of flavour.

Novotaste is a uniquely Canadian flavour company and we are proud of the multiculturalism that is a pillar of our identity. Over the next year, we celebrate this heritage by exploring one of the hottest trends in food, beverage & flavour today: the broad & diverse world of global flavours. Ethnic flavours are constantly evolving. They develop over time, in hand with the societies that create them. They are carried across borders with peoples and where they encounter new cultures, new ideas, wonderful changes occur. Never before in the flavour world has there been such exchange of ideas and ingredients. This natural marriage of concepts is another leading trend today, with food technologists, chefs and consumers alike exploring new and exciting forms of flavour fusion.

Novotaste will showcase a trendy international flavour profile from different geographical locations. We delve into some of its history and its roots, discovering and experimenting with traditional ingredients to develop an “authentic” flavour. However, since we are keenly aware that authenticity is in the eye of the beholder, we also develop numerous variations representing the regional nuances commonly observed. Then, in the spirit of fusion, we create novel variations on the original, testing interesting pairings and alternative profiles in a variety of non-traditional applications. Ever hear of a Garam masala cola? We have a lot of fun proposing new avenues for the evolution of classic flavours along the way.

Garam masala
Arabic coffee
Saffron flavour pairings
Afghani zhoug
Flavour of Mexico
Flavours of Japan
Flavour of the Caribbean
Flavours of China
Spices of Madagascar
Flavours of Australia
Flavour of Scandinavia
Flavours of Brazil
Flavours of Morocco
Flavours of Quebec
Flavours of Louisiana
Flavours of California
Flavour of Poland
Flavours of Russia
Flavour of Thailand
Flavour of Ethiopia
Flavour of South Africa

We will make your taste buds travel to various parts of the world, including India, Spain, Arabia, Afghanistan, Japan, Madagascar, Brazil, China, Mexico, Russia, Poland, California, the Caribbean, Louisiana, Quebec, Ethiopia, Thailand, Scandinavia & many more. Stay tuned for our latest newsletter and, as always, we can be reached for samples or further information here.

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Saffron flavour pairings