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By September 6, 2019Food trends
Bill Addison

Downside of summer ending: Goodbye to those lazy, White Claw-filled rooftop evenings. The upside: Everything is new, from food TV shows to cookbooks to restaurants. And as all that newness hits, trends emerge. Taking a close look at the most-anticipated restaurant openings from coast to coast, Eater restaurant editor Hillary Dixler Canavan has identified a few noteworthy patterns:

The fall of the power duo

In Los Angeles, there’s Onda, the buzzy collaboration from Sqirl’s Jessica Koslow and Gabriela Cámara of Mexico City’s Contramar. Further up the California coast in Oakland, Blake Cole and Kimberley Roselle have tapped chef Christa Chase of Tartine Manufactory to head up the food program at their bar Friends and Family, also opening this fall.

America’s still fixated on French cuisine.

French food has been hot for awhile now, and 2019 openings indicates it’s going to stay that way. Walter and Margarita Manzke of LA’s beloved Republique are opening Bicyclette; Dialogue chef Dave Beran will introduce Pasjoli, also in LA; Lee Hanson and Riad Nasr of New York’s Frenchette are putting their spin on French classics at the historic Le Veau d’Or.

Big-time chefs are branching out and getting more casual.

In what’s becoming an increasingly common move, established chefs are opening restaurants that are more casual (or yes, fast casual) than their firsts. Of note is Bonnie and Israel Morales of Portland’s Kachka, who are finally opening their casual spin-off, called Lavka, featuring counter service dining and Eastern European pantry staples and frozen Kachka pelmeni.

Dixler Canavan, along with pop culture editor Greg Morabito and managing editor Ellie Krupnick, joined editor-in-chief Amanda Kludt on Eater’s Digest to talk about the season’s buzziest trends.

Source: Fall 2019 Restaurant Trends: Female Power Duos & Big Name Fast-Casual – Eater