‘Exotic but not too exotic’: Mango flavours are poised for growth

By March 9, 2018Flavour trends

Mango is already one of the most popular tropical fruits. Global product launches incorporating mango flavours have increased by 240% over the last ten years, according to Innova Market Insights. According to Susanne Winter, marketing manager, this is because mango is able to straddle the line between familiar and exotic, mainstream and mysterious. “Globally seen, people like exotic tastes, but not too exotic ones. Mango is well known, it is not necessary to explain. This makes it easier for the [food and beverage] producers,” Winter told FoodNavigator.

However, mango remains a taste of the unusual for many European consumers. “In order to find new taste experiences Europeans look to Asian countries, also to the Middle East, where mango is used very often in the kitchen – in both sweet and savoury or spicy applications. Mango will play an important role the coming years,”​ she predicted. Where’s the potential? There has been a jump in interest around certain applications. In particular, non alcoholic beverages are proving popular. “We have seen interest in juice, low juice drinks [consisting of] up to 20% juice content but also flavoured energy drinks, ready to drink tea drinks (with black tea or green tea), flavoured water, vitamin water,”​ noted Isolde Tomann, a senior flavourist.

Source: ‘Exotic but not too exotic’: Esarom believes mango flavours are poised for growth