Edible cookie dough companies looking to capitalize on trends

By March 10, 2018Bakery, Food trends

In the last 12 months one of the biggest trends in the food industry has been edible raw cookie dough.

Shops that serve cookie dough like ice cream have popped up in New York and Los Angeles, usually accompanied with a long line. There was even a food truck trying it out around Phoenix. Now, a husband and wife duo are trying to capitalize on the trend and serve it at multiple locations around the Valley.

John and Kendra Scheer are trying out the idea and are calling their company Scoopwell’s Dough Bar (don’t mix it up with the ScoopWell kitty litter Scoop). The Scheers are working with Tempe-based Awe Collective on creating their brand.

One reason cookie dough has become such a sensation is because people have heard their whole lives that it’s not good for to eat, according to Eater. But Scheer said their cookie dough does not have raw eggs in it and they use heat-treated flour so it is safe and there is no risk of E. coli or salmonella.

When Scheer was looking into changing up careers from an investment banker and decided with his wife to open up a cookie dough concept, he said he sat in Cookie DO NYC store for an hour or two to see how the concept operated. While he was in the store he noticed a large assortment of customers.

“It was serving students, business professionals, tourists, old people,” Scheer said. “It’s not just one type of person who likes cookie dough.”

Scoopwell’s doesn’t have a permanent home just yet. The company is having a pop-up shop at the Tempe Public Market on March 20 from 4 to 8 p.m. to give people an idea of what their business and cookie dough is like.

Scheer said he is working with a few different commercial real estate brokers and wants to open the first location somewhere near the Arizona State University campus in Tempe. He’s hoping that through the pop-up shop he might garner the attention of other brokers and building owners who would want Scoopwell’s in their spaces.

“We’ve looked at a handful of locations but we haven’t signed on any dotted lines yet” Scheer said. “We are looking for something in the neighborhood of 1,000 square feet. A little more or a little less than that would probably suit our needs”

Scheer said he’d like to open as many as three to five locations in the next two years.

Through the company’s website, Scheer can be contacted and people can buy tickets for the pop-up shop tasting experien

Source: Cookie dough company looking to capitalize on trend, seeks permanent home in Phoenix – Phoenix Business Journal