Could sustainable seafood and poke restaurant Salmon & Bear be expanding?

Two years since it first opened in Sydney, Salmon & Bear has been a true gift for lovers of high-quality, accessible and sustainable seafood. Now with two locations, Zetland and Newtown, the casual seafood eatery is well-placed to complement the rise of more health-conscious dining in Sydney, as well as food trends like the now ubiquitous Poke, a trend they started championing two years ago, with them still serving some of the best Hawaiian style sushi salad bowls around.

“At first we saw ourselves filling a gap in the market for a QSR [Quick Service Restaurant] fish concept similar to a Ribs & Burgers or a Zeus Greek Street, but with fish as the hero produce”, said Operations Manager Joe Ward, who co-owns and founded the business alongside Joel Katz and renowned Red Lantern Chef Mark Jensen. “As we evolved we realised fish dining will always be a step up from that, which leaves us in a pretty unique dining category. We offer restaurant quality fish dining with service to match, but in a casual dining environment.”

Basing their menu around a special imported Mibrasa chacoal over from Spain, Salmon & Bear keep it traditional with a dedication to grilling their fish over coal. This means that the intense heat of the oven helps crisp the fish skin to perfection while leaving the flesh moist and tender; almost poached inside. This method has allowed for a diverse menu with plenty of options, some of the top choices being the Salmon “Bearger” with fresh Ora King Salmon (one of their primary ingredients across the board), McClure’s pickles, salsa verde and sriracha; Salt & Pepper Calamari Tacos; all six of the different types of Poke (especially the Ora King Salmon, Hiramasa Kingfish or Miso Eggplant bowls); classic Fish & Chips; and – their most popular – The Big Grizzly, which is priced at $32.95 for your choice of fish, choice of sauce, and choice of two sides.