Chefs make the most of versatile bone marrow

If menu trends conformed to fashion trends, there’s no question that bone marrow would be the new black, as indispensable in the kitchen as a little black dress is in the wardrobe. It’s versatile, flatters whatever it accompanies and works well across a wide range of occasions. Bone marrow is definitely what well-dressed menus are wearing this season.

Chefs have made bone marrow the focus of their flights of culinary fancy. At New York’s Beatrice Inn, diners can sup on succulent côte de boeuf with marrow-blistered blackberries and charred prawn butter, followed by an unexpected bone marrow crème brûlée dessert presented in a femur. The Macintosh in Charleston, S.C., features a signature bone marrow bread pudding as a side dish. Meanwhile, San Francisco’s Burritt Room + Tavern creates a decadent and sharable first course of roasted bone marrow with mint, black garlic salsa, radish, bread crumbs and sourdough bread.

Source: Chefs make the most of versatile bone marrow | Restaurant Hospitality