Cheese and onion crisps ranked best by Brits | Good Housekeeping

By November 8, 2019Flavour, Snack
There’s nothing more satisfying than tucking into a bag of crunchy, delicious crisps, but when it comes to flavours, which one rules supreme?

Well, according to the new Waitrose & Partners Food and Drink Report, cheese and onion is the number one flavour in the UK, followed by salt and vinegar in second place and ready salted in third.

On average, we’ll consume 178 packets of crisps per year, with almost half (46%) preferring to enjoy their crisps solo without any dip.

Across the UK, however, our crisp-eating habits vary – with the Welsh eating the most packets of crisps per week (averaging nearly four each). And both the Welsh and those living in South East England rate salt and vinegar as their top flavour, going against the national favourite of cheese and onion.


Sour cream and onion is more popular in East Anglia than anywhere else in the country, while those in Northern Ireland are more likely to eat their crisps during a cinema or theatre performance.

If you’re someone who wants to get every last bit of tastiness out of the bag, have no fear – the report also found 86% of people say it’s socially acceptable to shake out the crumbs from your packet into your mouth.

Source: Cheese and onion crisps ranked best by Brits