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By April 1, 2019Flavour trends
Carl’s Jr. Bacon Truffle Angus Burger


The Great American Burger is a fast casual mainstay. While consumers know and love burger basics of meat, cheese, condiments and bread; Carl’s Jr. looks to add innovative ingredients when serving up new menu items. Whether that is Beyond Meat patties or unique milkshake flavors, consumers can always find new taste innovations straight from the kitchens of Carl’s Jr. On March 27, Carl’s Jr. innovates again with the launch of their indulgent Bacon Truffle Angus Burger.

“The launch of our new Bacon Truffle Angus Burger connects back to our dedication to introducing bold, craveable and unexpected flavors to our menu in interesting ways. Truffle is traditionally viewed as a rare indulgence, and we’re bringing it to the everyday dining experience by infusing the distinct truffle flavor into an entirely new offering for our burger-loving customers.” said Owen Klein, Vice President, Culinary Innovation of CKE.

The new Carl’s Jr. Bacon Truffle Angus Burger features a luxurious combination of Black Angus beef and Applewood bacon combined with a creamy white cheddar truffle-infused sauce. To further introduce luxurious tastes, Bacon Truffle Cheese Fries are available for a limited time as well. Both options follow up successful 2018 Carl’s Jr. offerings: the Western Bacon Cheeseburger, Jolly Rancher milkshakes and Pastrami Burger.

Source: Great American Burger Gets Innovative: Carl’s Jr. Serves Up Bacon Truffle Angus Burger And Fries