Canada’s Best Chocolate Makers – Chocolate Trends

By October 12, 2017Chocolate

Both Gensler and Christy agree that Canadians are “up there” for their creative, innovative techniques with opposing flavours in the white chocolate category. Calgary’s Cochu Chocolatier Gingerbread Bar (silver award winner) is a remarkable example. It has a bit of gingerbread snap amidst a creamy, warmly spiced chocolate. Edmonton-based The Violet Chocolate Company’s Turmeric and Pomegranate white chocolate bar (silver winner) is another taste sensation. “Take away the traditional idea of a very sweet white bar. These examples represent super creative stuff. Japan and Canada are the best in this category,” says Christy.

Other trends include the integrated use of roaster or barista type coffee in bars. The same can be said of black tea and chai tea spices in bon bons and bars. Canadian chocolate is finally getting its just desserts. Entries are up by 40 per cent this year, and the world is taking notice of Canadian chocolate.

Source: Canada’s Best Chocolate Makers