Butter chicken: Various versions of the classic dish is being served to attract the millennials

It’s one of the most popular restaurant dishes on Indian menus all across the world. Unlike more complex curries, this one is simplistic. There is no sophisticated spicing or intricate cooking process to wax eloquent about, yet butter chicken continues to incite both love and war! Which restaurant serves the “best” version? What indeed defines “best”? What is the ideal flavour profile of the dish — beyond tomato-y and smooth? Is a little sugar warranted to balance desi tomato tartness?
For a lower calorie dish, there are gentrified versions of butter chicken, higher on tomatoes, lower on cream. Many of these are old home-style recipes .

Are homely versions sans cream, with dollops of white butter nevertheless, preferable to chefy creations? How much spice should you use? For a no-brainer of a dish, it is incredible how hotly debated butter chicke ..

Kundan Lal Gujral, an immigrant from Lahore landed up in Delhi post Partition, carrying with him the tandoor, till then unfamiliar to Delhiwallas steeped in Mughal traditions. He set up the restaurant Moti Mahal in Daryaganj, serving tandoori chicken and breads baked in the same oven, and later black urad dal. The restaurant’s star dish however was to be invented a little later — when perhaps demand for a gravy item, or necessity to recycle left-over tandoori morsels led to the creation of makhn ..

How does a simple, plebian sauce turn into a chefy dish? At Indian Accent, the country’s top restaurant, butter chicken kulcha has always been on the menu and is overwhelmingly popular. An earlier menu toyed with butter chicken kofte too, altering the shape and therefore the experience. In Mumbai, chef Vikramjit Roy of POH talks about a new recipe in the making with green apple puree and a generous splash of Bourbon to complement the sweet-sourness of the dish. Another inventive version fashiona ..

Source: Butter chicken: Various versions of the classic dish is being served to attract the millennials