Brew Dr. Kombucha has partnered with Imperfect Foods, the online grocer on a mission to eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone, to create an exclusive, limited release flavor: Blood Orange Ginger. Launching October 22nd, this new flavor will be sold in 16 oz cans to Imperfect Foods’ nationwide customer base until supplies run out. Tangy blood orange and zesty ginger meet sencha green tea in this tart, bubbly refresher from Brew Dr. Kombucha. It’s like a better-for-you Italian soda that’s slightly sweet and super delightful.

Brew Dr. and Imperfect Foods have a long-standing relationship founded in a shared goal to reduce waste in the supply chain. This is the latest instance of their partnership to bring otherwise discarded, perfectly delicious surplus kombucha to thirsty consumers. Brew Dr. is proud to participate in the “Perfect by Imperfect line” that has been launched by Imperfect Foods, adding new flavors and ready for grocery package types to an existing portfolio of mislabeled or short-dated kombucha.

“Food waste happens in every aisle of the grocery store – we are always looking for creative ways to recover this perfectly delicious food and offer new products for our customers,” says Madeline Rotman, Imperfect Foods’ Head of Sustainability. “Brew Dr. is a fantastic partner in tackling waste in new areas of the supply chain and we are thrilled to offer their new kombucha series.”

Blood Orange Ginger also features a new look: a wrapped sticker label. Amidst a COVID-19-induced national aluminum can shortage, Brew Dr. sought creative alternatives for this new flavor and refit unused cans from discontinued flavors for this new release. This dually helped solve packaging challenges and saved nearly 250,000 cans from being sent straight to recycling!

“Food and beverage manufacturers often have surplus materials they end up having to dispose of,” says Brew Dr.’s Director of Sustainability, Danny Metcalf. “We over-purchased cans for flavors we wound up discontinuing, but this collaboration with Imperfect Foods creates the opportunity for those cans to find a happy home. It’s a great example of how a collaborative effort can create solutions to reduce waste.”

The Limited Release collaboration further deepens the relationship, combining Brew Dr.’s passion for craft kombucha brewing with Imperfect Foods’ intentionality in delivering seasonal, fresh groceries to their customers. The two brands will work together to create three new recipes during the year to offer Imperfect Foods customers fresh new blends as the seasons change.

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