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(Photo: Brach’s)

Halloween is this week, but it’s already time to look ahead to the next great season for candy treats. That’s right, Christmas-related candies and treats are starting to make their way onto store shelves already and it looks like the food trend of “mystery” flavors will continue as kids and kids at heart tuck they’re spooky costumes away and start planning out their letters to Santa. Brach’s is launching a Mystery Candy Cane Mix this season — and they’ve already hitting store shelves.

As reported by Delish, Brach’s Mystery Candy Cane Mix has started popping up on Instagram as candy and junk food fans are spotting them in stores. The candy treat comes in a pack of twelve canes with multiple colors in the package” blue and green, red and green, and a pink and purple version. As for the flavors, there are no clues. According to the official description of the mystery flavors, they can be literally anything, but it sounds like whatever the mystery flavors are it will be delicious. You can check out the official description from the Brach’s website below.

“Fruit? Sour? Sweet? Salty? We love a good seasonal surprise. No matter which of our four distinct, delicious holiday flavors you draw, you’re sure to be delighted. The rich colors will add a color pop to holiday decorations but won’t give away the surprise.”

If the Mystery Cane Mix is something that interests you, until Halloween is over you might have to do a little looking for them. They’ve been spotted on Amazon for $14.99, but the Candy Warehouse site has them available for $3.60, the latter price likely being closer to what it will be once it hits store shelves officially.

So, what do you think? Will you be giving Brach’s Mystery Cane Mix a try? What is your favorite holiday candy? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Brach’s Introducing Myster Flavor Candy Canes for the Holidays