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With many consumers beginning to commute to work and school again, convenience stores have a renewed opportunity to serve the shoppers who need a quick bite while they’re on the go. As retailers stock their shelves with more offerings for consumers to grab in a pinch, they can maximize sales by identifying consumers’ biggest needs and priorities and by selecting products that meet those needs. By offering a product for consumers seeking something quick, something high in protein and something flavorful, retailers can meet consumers’ biggest demands in one fell swoop. Here’s how they can serve each demographic.

The on-the-go dynamos 

According to Technomic’s 2020 Snacking Occasion Consumer Trend Report, snacking “en route” is the No. 1 occasion for away-from-home snacking, and snacking at work ranks No. 2, with 49% and 41% of consumers enjoying their snacks on these occasions, respectively. This is why convenience, especially for consumers shopping the c-store, is a non-negotiable. Whether they’re traveling to or from work, making a road trip pit stop, wanting to refuel while running weekend errands or looking for something fast and filling on a lunch break, products that are quick, portable and filling will easily fit the bill.

Jack Link’s products, such as beef jerky and beef sticks, are as convenient as a snack can be, and they’re filling and affordable to boot. Plus, for consumers who want to avoid food messes while snacking in the car. In addition, they pack a protein punch, which takes top priority for many consumers shopping the c-store snack section.

The protein seekers

Indeed, not just any snack will do for most consumers on the go. And protein is a star player in service of keeping consumers feeling full and energized. In fact, “high protein” and “energizing” tie for first place among the most appealing attributes consumers consider when selecting a snack, according to the 2020 Snacking report.

Consumers are prioritizing better-for-you options on their busiest days, and, clearly, protein serves as a hallmark of a healthier snacking choice.

The flavor chasers

For adventurous consumers seeking a snack with a spicy kick or for frequent shoppers who want to try something new, providing an array of craveable flavors is the name of the game. According to Technomic’s 2019 Flavor Consumer Trend Report, 66% of consumers like to try new flavors from time to time—and often, that calls for something on the spicy side.

 Jack Link’s line of Beef Bars features an ever-expanding selection of flavors for their slow-smoked, dried and seasoned beef, including original, teriyaki, cracked pepper, sweet habanero and blackberry barbecue. Plus, flavors of Chicken Bars from Jack Link’s include rotisserie and spicy.

Source: Boost Convenience-Store Snack Sales with Portability, Protein and Flavor