Blue Pasta Is the Latest Food Trend

By May 11, 2018Food trends
A new restaurant in Australia is serving blue tagliatelle. See you later sushi burritos, smoothie bowls, and cauliflower steak. There’s a new food trend in town: blue noodles. Mark + Vinny’s Spaghetti + Spritz bar in Sydney, Australia, has created Blue Spirulina Tagliatelle made with turquoise-colored pasta ribbons, blue swimmer crab, bread crumbs, and fish roe. The trendy dish even comes with its own matching spritz.
The pretty pasta was thought up by restaurant proprietors Mark Filippelli and Vince Pizzinga and brought to fruition by head chef Adrian Jankuloski. The noodles get their color from nontoxic algae called spirulina, which is often used as a dietary supplement for humans, farmed sea creatures, and poultry. Filippelli has used the ingredient before in a blue algae latte at the Instagram-famous plant-based café Matcha Mylkbar.

Blue Spirulina Tagliatelle certainly looks fantastic, and apparently it tastes great, too.

“Not only the prettiest pasta dish I’ve ever had, but definitely up there as one of the best,” @tcs_world wrote on Instagram.


Source: This Pretty Blue Pasta Is the Latest Food Trend You Never Knew You’d Need