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The Lavender Latte from Bel Cafe.

Move over turmeric gold and beetroot red. There’s a new beverage in town and it’s blue.

Blue lattes and cappuccinos are among the latest food trends on social media, thanks to their vibrant hues. Hashtags #mermaidlatte and #bluelatte are trending from Melbourne to Miami and the Instagram-worthy beverages are also popping up in Vancouver-area shops.

“The first thing you’ll notice is its very striking blue colour so it’s very beautiful,” said Karen Danudjaja, co-founder of Blume Supply.

“It photographs very well and it’s something that isn’t too common around the city,” Bel Cafe supervisor Kendall Gschiel said.

Bel Cafe’s version of #bluelatte, the lavender tea latte, is made with all-natural butterfly pea flower and sweetened with lavender.

Gschiel describes her latte creation as a blue matcha except that it’s a caffeine-free herbal tea.

Woody Wu, co-owner of Origo Club in Richmond, said that the restaurant’s “Once In A Blue Moon” blueberry cappuccino is very popular and people “tag us on Instagram, Facebook and even Chinese social media.”

Once In A Blue Moon cappuccino

Wu entered the cappuccino in the Vancouver Foodster Signature Coffee Drink Challenge last month and won second place.

Blume Supply is planning to launch a new blue algae latte this year because it’s time for Vancouver to get on board.

The drinks are available all year — not just on blue Mondays.

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