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A desire among consumers for new and exciting experiences is leading flavour developments in the food and beverage landscape.

Innova Market Insights’ Top Flavour Trends for 2019 highlights “New Discoveries” as the number one food trend this year. Two out of three US respondents in an Innova Market Insights survey agreed they love to discover new flavours. Even traditional consumers who didn’t feel that way, said there’s a role for “reinventing classic flavours with novel twists”. This includes creating new and unusual flavours and combinations.

Innova reported that “Sensational Concepts” plays an important role with brands opting for more unusual flavour hybrids and stronger taste experiences. Sour flavours are rising in popularity.

The insights reveal a desire for more sophisticated and complex combinations particularly among the older population. Traditional coffee for example is being developed with more on-trend options such as cold brew.

Cultural diversity is becoming more and more important in food with flavours inspired by international cuisines including Southeast Asian, East Asian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours. As consumers now consider themselves “world citizens” this influence is trickling down to Western snacks, beverages and ready-to-eat meals.

The “Fifth Dimension” or Umamin is becoming more popular in western cultures as exotic flavours and convenient home cooking becomes more established.

While the fifth basic taste after sweet, sour, bitter and salty is harder to define, it’s becoming more important to health-conscious consumers looking for natural flavours.

Innova also expects bitter to make a comeback and predicts more botanicals and fruity flavours in food and beverage.

This story first appeared on our sister site Inside Retail FMCG.

Source: ‘Bitter is back’ – this year’s top flavour trends – Inside Retail