Barrel aged rum: Embrace the nuanced flavour of this liquor trend

The next liquor trend is here. Barrel aged rum is the nuanced flavor that is delightful on its own or in an elegant cocktail.

Liquor trends, like food trends, have an ebb and flow. Barrel aged rum is ready to find its spot on the trend meter. After seeing the spikes in specialty tequilas and limited batch bourbons, rum is ready for its moment in the dark spirits world. Why is the liquor world ready for a rum explosion? The simple reason is flavor.

At a previous National Restaurant Association BAR demo, the acclaimed mixologist, Charles Joly, predicted that rum is ready to have its moment in the liquor trend arena. Rum, specifically aged rum, can have a nuanced, depth of flavor. This spirit is ready to be embraced by the spirits enthusiasts and luxury trend seekers.

As a leader in the rum industry, BARCARDI rum is adding to its rum portfolio with new premium rums in the brands’ diverse rum portfolio. The four new rums focus on versatile yet depth of flavor. According to Ned Duggan, Vice President, Brand Managing Director for BACARDI rum, “BACARDI remains a family brand and as pioneers in the rum industry for generations we not only have the ingredients, history and heritage to user in the new way of premium rums- we have a responsibility to do so.” These four rums are perfect for the spirit drinker who wants more from the rum cocktail or rum sipper.

The four rums in BACRADI’s premium aged rum portfolio are BACARDI Anejo Cuatro, BACARDI Reserva Ocho, BACARDI Gran Reserva Diez and BACARDI Gran Reserva Limitada. Even though many people think of just white rums in cocktails, a few of these premium rums adds a depth and nuanced flavor to classic cocktails.

The four premium rums have similar yet different flavors. For example, the BACARDI Anejo Cuarto has flavors of toasted oak, mild vanilla, clove and honey. While rum is often thought with fruity, beach forward cocktails, this BACARDI Anejo Cuatro is perfect for an elevated cocktail. Blending this rum with some orange bitters, some ginger beer and an orange peel can be a simple, yet flavorful beverage.

Since these premium rums are carefully crafted, they can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. For example, the BARCARDI Reserva Ocho has warm, spice notes that can be appreciated with a long, lingering sip. The complex flavor doesn’t need to be hidden, rather it should be enjoyed slowly as the nuances slowly unveil themselves.

Source: Barrel aged rum: Embrace the nuanced flavor of this liquor trend