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By May 20, 2020Flavour

Single malt scotch is a flavour forward drink making it one of the most preferred spirits globally. India being one of the largest consumers of whisky, is a testimony of its growing preference. It’s interesting to know what single malt was back in the day and what future has in store for it.

To that end IANSlife spoke to Glenfiddich Indian brand ambassador, Mr. Angad Singh Gandhi, to gain a better insight.

Experimenting with casks

A growing phenomenon in the whisky industry is special cask finishes. Whisky producers are experimenting with techniques and finishes to make whisky taste a little different.

After a definite period, a single malt is transferred into a port, sherry or another cask for its final maturation. This gives the spirit an unusual finish and varied notes which adds that final flavour to what is already a fine whisky. Gradually more distilleries are moving on from traditional cask finishes and experimenting with casks of India Pale Ale, Ice Wine, Mizunara and French cuvïe casks.

Did you know? A Majority of the flavour in a single malt comes from the cask it’s matured in. It’s a common misconception that single malt whisky is the product of one cask. In fact, it is the product of a single distillery and may actually come from several casks therein.

Pairing food and whisky: a marriage of flavours

Single malts can surprise you when it comes to pairing them with tea/coffee and dessert. Exotic teas and coffees enhance the flavours of single malts, allowing you to appreciate it in a mellow or strong flavour, depending on your preference. You can even pour a flaming whisky or a single malt over your favourite flavour of gelato to accentuate the taste.

Elixirs created with fine ingredients is yet another way to experiment with tasting notes of single malts.

Did you know? No two people ever experience a single malt the same way, so it’s always great to compare notes and explore different ways to savour the flavour.

Experimentation is taking centre stage

Experimental whisky is gaining acceptance with brands innovating with age old variants. The cocktail industry has fuelled this demand further with the growing trend in creating new and innovative whisky-based cocktails. Highly skilled bartenders are helping fulfill the experience consumers are looking for today. They are using the best of whiskies paired with ingredients that are of higher or equal value.

The preference for ‘local’ products and ingredients is sweeping the food and beverage industry globally, and alcohol is catching on to the trend. So, for cocktails that means finding herbs, spices, fruits and other ingredients that all have a local or artisan connect to them.

So this World Whisky Day, sit back, relax and enjoy your dram, the way you like it. Slainte!

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