Wasabi Toothpaste Review

By September 25, 2017Health and hygiene

Most people have a regular neighborhood bar where everyone knows their name. I have my sushi place. Every time I go in, the restaurant owner greets me with a smile and yells out “LINDSEY!” That’s not my name, but I love sushi so much, I don’t correct him. If it weren’t for the threat of mercury poisoning, I’d start a new diet where all I ate was California rolls. But alas, my vice, like all vices, is potentially poisonous in mass quantities.

So when I heard there was a safe way to ingest a main sushi condiment twice daily and, better yet, actually improve my health by it, I knew I needed in. As it turns out, one Instagram-famous brand has a solution — but it comes with a catch. Aesop, an Australian label known for its popular plant-based skincare sets, now sells Wasabi Toothpaste ($17).

Source: Aesop Wasabi Toothpaste Review | POPSUGAR Beauty