9 New Coconut Beauty Products To Try | BEAUTY/crew

By April 10, 2019Health and hygiene

We can’t get enough of the delicious scent

We’ve long been fans of using coconut, especially coconut oil, in products, due to its beauty benefits. On its own, you can use coconut oil for oil pulling, or as a face mask (restoring hydration is just one of the top benefits of coconut oil) or makeup remover. It can even be used as a replacement for shaving cream in a pinch. Our obsession with the tropical ingredient continues, and right now, it’s more so to do with its scent. In the same way that the festive notes of pine are associated with Christmas, the smell of coconut is synonymous with summer. The tropical scent takes us to an oasis of palm trees, warm breezes, ocean swims, and we’re all for it, especially now that the weather has taken a turn. Want to temporarily escape to an island far, far away? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our round-up of the newest and most delicious coconut-scented beauty products.

Source: 9 New Coconut Beauty Products To Try | BEAUTY/crew