7 Fast Casual Trends Taking Off in NYC

By October 11, 2017Food trends

Predicting food trends has become a national pastime for food critics in recent years.ecome popular around the world. From hamburgers to burritos to coffee bars, the U.S. food scene has produced most of the biggest developments in fast casual food concepts over the past 100 years.

Perhaps nowhere is this more relevant than in New York City, whether it’s bagels or sushi. With over 70 Michelin starred restaurants, as well as every nationality represented among its eight million inhabitants, it is the ideal testing ground for new concepts. Here are some of the most notable fast-casual (average order of around $12) concepts trending in NYC right now.

America is usually the place where interesting nascent food trends from around the world are snapped up and tried on a massive scale.

Multicultural cities like San Francisco and New York City are often the settings for the takeoff of concepts that subsequently b

Source: 7 Fast Casual Trends Taking Off in NYC