6 perfumers offering chemical-free fragrances

Discerning consumers are turning to chemical-free perfumes – they are often more costly to produce but may be better for your health.

Pink pepper, yuzu, jasmine absolute, West Indian wild bay leaf, organic Italian bergamot peel – there’s not a hint of a chemical compound in the latest natural fragrance products on offer.

Increasingly, the natural fragrance market is being driven by a rise in disposable income – products with natural ingredients for inducing scent are usually more costly to produce – as well as health concerns among consumers.

Says Liz Cook, founder of the deliciously aromatic One Seed organic perfumes: “Consumers want fragrances that don’t smell like mass market productions and are choosing perfumes with more natural ingredients because of a growing awareness of chemical exposure. The market share for natural/organic and sustainable fragrances was 16.9 per cent in 2016. “

That said, there is hearty debate around whether or not natural ingredients are “safer” than fragrances that contain synthetic molecules.

Source: 6 perfumers offering chemical-free fragrances | afr.com