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  • Flavours extracted from the ingredients enhances both taste and nutrients
  • Flavours are of 2 types: Artificial and Natural
  • Add Flavours to your Regular Food and Drinks to make it interesting.

Haven’t we all turned high-spirited foodies just because of the toothsome, irresistible and flavourful taste and aroma of our favourite food and drinks? Yes, we foodies use all our sensory organs to not just eat but to live the food and drinks we relish. Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste and Touch are the five blissful senses, we all have been blessed with, which help us to understand and live the food we eat or the beverage we drink. Have you ever heard of love at first sight? Believe me, it happens for real in the case of food; the inviting presentation or beautiful colour co-ordination of food and drinks make it more irresistible and delightful.

All the senses play an important role in making us not only relish but understand and live the food we eat. Among all the senses, taste and smell top the list when it comes to understanding the luscious flavours of the wide range of food and drinks available.

Flavours are basically of two types  – natural and artificial. Natural flavours are the ones extracted from nature or from the naturally occurring ingredients whereas artificial flavours are the ones which are artificially created with the help of chemical reactions.

There are five basic Flavours: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami. Flavours and fragrance are related, therefore, when we smell any specific food or drink, we get a slight idea of how it’ll taste.

Flavourists from all around the world emphasise more on scent and taste for adding flavours to the food and drinks, which resultantly triggers chemical senses of taste and smell in our bodies. The rapid growth of the food industry has led to the emergence of new innovative flavours, which have not only bought an evolution in the food and beverage industry but have also taken it to another level.

1.Fermented Flavours

Combat of both flavour and function sounds interesting. Doesn’t it?

The fermented foods and beverages serve the best of both health and flavours. The process of fermentation is being practised since time immemorial in order to preserve food but now flavourists have come up with something which is innovative as well as healthfully exciting. Fermented foods and beverages are rich in probiotics, promoting gut health and immunity. Besides being immensely healthful, fermentation promises enhanced and flavoursome taste as well. The distinctive pungent or slightly sour taste makes fermented food standout of the mainstream in terms of both health and taste. It also has a rich tart taste due to the presence of lactic acid in abundance.

Fermented drinks and foods like Kombucha, kefir, kimchi etc. are gaining rapid popularity not only among the healthy eaters but also among the ones who relish unique flavours.

homemade fermented probiotic drinks

​ 2. Life-Affirming Butter Flavour

Everything tastes better with butter. Don’t you all foodies agree?

The silky velvety outburst of utterly butterly flavours on mouth palette gives you a rich generous warmth. We Indians love butter. A hearty dollop of butter not only makes our food or beverage delectable but also adds the goodness of warmth in it. Be it a hearty cup of butter coffee or some soft toothsome butter cake or butter muffins or everybody’s favourite butter chicken, we all love the concept of lush buttery taste. This delightful savoury being rich in fats is super high in calories and therefore should be consumed in limits.


3.Infused Flavour

Are you bored of the same plain boring drinks? Cheer up! Because we have got you all an escape. Extracting the best of delightful flavours from an ingredient to your beverage is what ‘Infusion’ is.
Infused drinks, which are prepared by seeping fruits, herbs, spices, fragrance etc. in your favourite drink is among a few trendy beverage cultures.
During summers especially, it becomes very important to stay hydrated to keep our bodies working. Healthy food eaters have come across something innovative to make your regular glass of water, a flavoursome one.

Soaking mint, slices of lemon, and ginger in water makes it a perfect detox drink during scorching summers or adding a few slices of ripe peach in your regular cup of iced tea or a splash of berries in your regular lemonade can make your beverages more sublime and joyful. Likewise, you can prepare different infused drinks by using varieties of healthful ingredients, which can boost both your health and mood.
Alcoholic Infusion is in trend as well, be it the infusion of pineapple slices in vodka or cake soaked in rum or the apples in sangria, we love them all.

herb infused water

4. Floral and Botanical Flavours

The new age tribe has this immense love for organic living. Don’t you appreciate everything about organic products? You do and we do it as well. Lively organic flavours are usually extracted from naturally occurring flora and fauna in the environment.

Botanical and floral herbs are not only refreshing but are also de-stressing. They add depth and distinct complex flavours, which has resulted in a rapid growth appeal of florals in food and drinks. Hibiscus, lavender, elderflower, rose and violet is abundantly used by the flavourists all around the world to replace full bodied alcoholic beverages by the much healthier non-alcoholic refreshing drinks, which are not only flavoursome but are also low in calories. The gorgeous, sophisticated blend of 100% natural ingredients and mimicking flavours make it a perfect choice for healthy eaters and drinkers. Nutty botanical latte, herbal chips/wafers etc. are some of the innovative botanical foods and beverages which are relished by foodies all around the world.


5. Ethnic Flavours

Authenticity defines Ethnicity. Ethnic flavours are the flavours extracted from spices are believed to be of the cultural and traditional importance of a region.
Different spices have different flavours; from enhancing the taste to promoting health benefits, spices serve you with the best of all.
Indian spices such as turmeric, clove, cinnamon etc. are appreciated globally for their distinct taste and amazing health benefits. India, the Middle Eastern countries, Korea, Brazil and a lot many regions exhibit a wide range of ethnic flavours which occur in their habitat naturally.

6.Smokey Flavour

How about a slight hint of the woody or coal smoky flavour in our favourite appetiser?

We love sitting on the rooftop or in the garden and hogging on some smoky barbecue food. It’s a winter delight for most of us.
Hickory smoke type, BBQ smoke type, applewood smoke type, mesquite smoke type, cherry wood smoke are some of the most famous smoky flavours among the foodies. Smoke type flavours are found vivaciously in snacks, meats, seasonings, sauces, cheese, etc.

So, all you high spirited foodies don’t just eat food but live food to your fullest and keep innovating and exploring not just the flavours of food and drinks but the flavours of life as well. So, flavour up your life with the best of ingredients and make it more delightful.

Source: 6 Lush Flavour Trends For Food And Drinks