6 Benefits of Orange Peel for Home Interior

If you usually remove the orange peel after eating the flesh, now try to change the habit. Although it is classified as garbage, it can still be used for various purposes.

Here are some benefits of orange peel, especially for the purposes related to the home interior.

1. Artificial cleanser

As quoted from About, orange peel can be a good natural cleanser to clean the house. The method is easy, you just need to soak the orange peel in vinegar, then let stand for one to two weeks. Then, mix water with a ratio of 50:50, and start cleaning the house as usual. The natural scent of orange peel can clean and also scent the house.

2. Air freshener

Insert orange peel into a pot filled with water, then cook with low temperature. Let until the water boils. After that, orange peel will release its natural oils that serve to scent the room. Add a stick of cinnamon or basil leaves to make the fragrance more pronounced.

3. Neutralize the odor in the refrigerator

Orange peel can be one effective solution to neutralize the odor in the refrigerator. The method just places the orange peel in the bowl, then place it in the refrigerator. The aroma can help to refresh and neutralize the refrigerator.

4. Scent the sink

To remove the odor, put orange peel into the ice container, add water, then freeze it. After that, you simply melt the ice cubes containing orange peel in the sink. Let the fragrance of orange peel rise until the odor disappears.

5. Expel insects

The smell of orange peel is quite stinging but fresh, is believed to make insects in the home uncomfortable. So if you want the insects to go away and not coming back again, just put orange peel in places that may be occupied or liked by the insects.

6. Clean the cutting board

Cutting board or wooden board to cut vegetables can be a hotbed of bacteria. For that, it takes a thorough cleaning for the germs in it to be lost. Rub the orange peel on the cutting board, rinse, and dry it in a hot place. Orange peel is useful as a disinfectant that can remove bacteria.

Source: 6 Benefits of Orange Peel for Home Interior