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By April 10, 2019Flavour trends

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Pickles are extremely delicious and oh so popular during the cold season. But what do you do with the leftover pickle juice after munching the last gherkin? We have some ideas for you!
Where I come from, pickling things is a way of life. It starts during the fall and then people keep consuming the pickles well until spring. They go great with so many dishes, bringing an acidic touch to sour, rich, hearty dishes, and a great contrast to warm, steaming food on the table. Who doesn’t love them?
But once you’ve finished eating the last of your gherkins, there’s always a lot of leftover pickle juice. So, what do you do with it? Here’s a clue: don’t pour something delicious and probiotic into the drain. Make sure you try these following ways to give more flavor to other foods!
5 ideas for leftover pickle juice in your kitchen
1. Use it in marinades
You know that chicken breast can get a little bit bland when cooked and it depends on other things for strong, layered flavors. That’s why using leftover pickle juice to marinate the chicken breast is an excellent idea. The salt gives so much flavor and the meat will end up absolutely perfectly tender.
2. Tenderize meat
You can also do plenty of combos. For instance, you can mix the pickle juice with mustard and use it to tenderize meats like pork chops, steak. The acidity in the juice will make sure that your steak is extremely tender, and you avoid it ending up dry and rubbery.
Leftover Pickle Juice: How to Use Every Bit of It
3. Soak potatoes in it
Yeah, you heard me! There are two ways you can cook potatoes for a more flavorful experience using pickle juice. One of them is boiling the potatoes in water mixed with pickle juice. Just make sure you don’t add a lot of extra salt to the pot. Things could end up way too much on the heavy-on-sodium side. Then use the potatoes to make some nice potato salad.
4. Make a hangover cure
Hangovers can ruin your whole day, but food can help. In this case, the acidity of the pickle juice can really help relieve your nausea, dehydration, and headaches. Drink some of that saltiness and it will balance your electrolytes and fill up your sodium levels.
5. Replace vinegar with it
If you happened to run out of vinegar, then you can definitely use some nice pickle juice instead. It’s ideal for vinaigrettes and salad dressings and all kinds of other things.

Source: 5 Genius Ways You Can Reuse Your Leftover Pickle Juice