2018 Probiotic Product Trends

By November 10, 2017Beverage trends, Food trends

The global market for probiotic ingredients in 2017 is valued at US$36.6 billion. This is predicted to exceed $64 billion by 2023, according to Global Market Insights Inc. Dairy accounts for 69 percent of the probiotics market, baby food 12 percent, health care 8 percent and desserts, ice cream and snacks 2 percent each. Other emerging categories in food with probiotics include juice drinks, bakery, chocolate confectionery and savory spreads. (Mintel Global New Products Database).

Scientists have verified probiotic bacteria play a critical role not just in helping maintain a good digestive function, but they have a larger role in keeping the body healthy. As the importance of a healthy gut microbiota in keeping us healthy becomes better understood and the message reaches to more people, demand for probiotic-based food products will rise.

Source: Probiotic Product Trends