2018 Cake decorating & flavour trends

By April 3, 2018Bakery, Flavour trends

Lemon and buttercream reign supreme, according to a survey of cake decorating trends, while interest in mirror-glaze and vertical stripes is on the rise

Favourite cake flavours for 2018

Lemon came out as the most popular cake flavour, with nearly half of participants listing it as a preferred choice. In second place was milk chocolate, picked by nearly a third of a group.

This was followed closely by carrot flavour, which has allegedly been enjoyed in Europe since the Medieval era — where carrots were often used as a substitute for sugar. Vanilla came a close fourth as a simple taste that works well as a base for more extravagant icing choices. Although elderflower did not appear as a significant flavour choice, it is proving increasingly popular with amateur bakers, as many new recipes using elderflower cordial and similar substances are appearing online. Similarly, matcha currently has a small following but demand for this fresh and slightly bitter flavouring is growing. Ginger and red velvet were selected by a sizable 16% of participants, while old favourite fruit cake was picked by 20% of those surveyed.

Popular cake decorating toppings for 2018

As part of the survey, cake-makers were asked which toppings they used most commonly. Buttercream came in at a huge 81%, proving that rich, simple flavours are still a mainstay among consumers. Following far behind was sugar paste icing, which nearly half of respondents listed. Ganache was picked by nearly a third of respondents, followed by chocolate. Only 8% selected marzipan, showing low interest in the rich, almond icing, while the least popular choice was mirror-glaze, with just over 1% of responders saying they commonly use it.

Source: Trends set to shape cake decorating in 2018 – British Baker

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