2018 Biggest Healthy Food Trends

By November 9, 2017Food trends

Whole Foods Market just released their Food Trends Report for 2018. Find out what’ll be filling their shelves and your plates next year.

It goes without saying, if it’s stocked on the shelves at Whole Foods, it has a place in our pantry. The giant supermarket chain is every American’s one-stop-shop for all things healthy.

But while you may think a product is new when you spot it in the store, WFM had it planned for quite some time (they have to think pretty far ahead, you know?).

As we’re gearing up for the end of the year, Whole Foods is looking to the future. The global buyers and trendy experts recently got together to predict what’s hot and what’s not in the year ahead and they just dropped their food trends report for 2018.

Here’s what will be filling their shelves—and your plates—next year.

Source: The 10 Biggest Healthy Food Trends For 2018, According To Whole Foods – Sporteluxe