2018 Beverage Trend: Superfood Lattes

Once upon a time, a latte was espresso and steamed milk. Now a latte is much more loosely defined and neither espresso nor coffee are essential ingredients. At Imbibe, we are experts in beverage development and stay up to date on global brands and trends so we can guide our clients through their next successful product launch. One trend that is starting to pick up steam is superfood lattes, or milk (dairy or non-dairy) combined with less traditional and often nutrient dense ingredients. They are starting to take over Instagram feeds for their sheer beauty and the health benefits they deliver. Here are a few we thought you should know about: Matcha Latte, Golden Latte, Beetroot Latte, Rose Latte, Taro Latte & Goth Latte.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com