2017-2018 Trend forecast: Fats Are Back, Avocado Smashed & Drinks Are On The Menu

News Corp Australia has released findings from the first of Food Corp’s Trend Forecasts, a rich quarterly insight into the 8.9 million Aussies who connect with its network of food brands, and announced the launch of two key commercial initiatives centred around the company’s insights, FoodLogic and Native in Colour.

Through Food Corp’s digital and social channels, 40 million data points are generated everyday providing real-time information on what Australian’s are planning, shopping, cooking and sharing in food.

The Trend Forecast then overlays this data with the lens of the company’s senior editorial food experts to uncover the trends for the coming season, turning data into invaluable and actionable insights.

News Corp Australia’s director of food, Fiona Nilsson, said: “As the largest food publisher in Australia, being on top of consumer trends is imperative to our business.

“A critical part of this is harnessing the data we generate every day, from a search bar entry to each on-site click and social interaction, this gives us deep and real-time insights into the Australian food consumer.

“This thought leadership allows us to devise the most targeted strategies and campaign solutions to drive true results for our partners.

“The impactful food trends identified in our Summer Forecast allows marketers to align their content marketing strategies with what’s driving consumer behaviour around food.

Source: News Corp Food Study: Fats Are Back, Avocado Smashed & Drinks Are On The Menu – B&T